Potatoes as Alternative Power

Yesterday, Idaho Public Utilities Commission decided on some new rules for how the state handles wind and power energies, and how the state’s three large utility companies are able to regulate solar and wind power. There’s a lot of technical mumbo jumbo in the article I linked, but it got me thinking. Idaho is wasting a great opportunity to utilize it’s greatest resource, potatoes, as a renewable alternative to fossil fuels.

I’ve discussed before how awesome potatoes are at producing energy, so I thought, “why are they focussing on solar and wind as alternative energy sources? Starch power is where its at.

According to this website, which I found on google, Idaho produced 5.81 million tons of potatoes in 2010. At an average of 0.2 volts produced per, and each potato weighing roughly a half pound, that’s 2.324 million volts worth of power produced each year! Granted, most of those potatoes are sold to fast food restaurants and are fried into delicious french fries, but if America decided to forgo potato eating, they would be making a worthy sacrifice.

The only problem with my solution is that the amount of energy produced by all of these potatoes is about the same as one (yes, I did say one) wind turbine. It was a good idea, but I guess America will have to stick with the alternative power that works, and not try crazy ideas from some 21-year-old with a bad sense of humor.

In the meantime, watch this fun video where a nerd shows you how to make a potato produce electricity:


Lightbulb Removal Tutorial

Hey guys.

I stood in front of a huge stack of genetically modified potatoes and explained how to remove a lightbulb using everyone’s favorite starch. Watch and learn. Or don’t. At least listen to the video game music I used in the background.

Pictures Pertaining to Potatoes

I had to do a slideshow for this post, so I decided that I’d look for funny pictures of, or pertaining to potatoes. I hope you guys enjoy this. All of these either made me laugh, chuckle, or smile, which is all I can hope for on the internet. No problems are being solved, except maybe for a lack of humour.

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Amazonian Potatoes

Hello fair readers!

For this week’s post, I decided to give you a short little podcast-esque sound clip instead of writing. Here it is:

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Seven problems that can (sort-of) be solved with potatoes

Since I’m still debating whether or not I actually want to solve problems with potatoes, or if I want to give practical “life hacks,” I’ve decided in my first post to take up Mr. Adams’ challenge, and begin to solve problems with potatoes. This isn’t necessarily how the rest of the posts on this blog will be formatted, or even what they will pertain to, but I thought this could be a fun way to get the blog off the ground. So without further ado, seven problems that can be solved with potatoes.

  1. The first problem should be fairly strait-forward, but it is hunger. If you, like me, find yourself unsure of what to eat after a long day of work, might I recommend a potato or two? They can be microwaved, or steamed, or baked, or mashed. They’re a starch, and a vegetable, so that’s at least two food groups, and then if you throw some butter on top, that’s three whole food groups taken care of in one magical food. Or you can just follow this recipe for sliced baked potatoes over on Yumtown.
  2. If you, like me, are constantly wondering how to do simple mathematical equations, then might I recommend a potato calculator?
  3. On the same line of thought, how about something with which one can tell the time? Oh, and it’s powered by a potato.
  4. Is your TV remote constantly running out of batteries? Are you finding this batteries to be hellishly expensive? If the answer to both of those questions is yes, then you should make a potato battery, just like you did in elementary school. I’m not sure if this will actually work with a TV remote,  but it can’t hurt to try, right?
  5. Sunburnt? Then use those leftover mashed potatoes that have been sitting in your fridge since the first point, and rub the cold potatoes on your skin. I don’t think this is actually solid medical advice, but as someone currently suffering a sunburn, this sounds delightful. If only I had some mashed potatoes in my fridge…
  6. Are you constantly eyeing the carpool lane as you’re stuck in traffic? Well, then maybe you should make some potato people and strap them in to the extra seats in your car. I don’t think it will fool many cops, especially as it’s been tried already, but you might make them laugh as they’re writing you your ticket. Who knows? Maybe you can convince them that since potatoes can produce electricity, they therefore are living, and should be consider people. I say it’s worth a shot. Just don’t send me angry emails when you get a ticket.
  7. Can’t find a baseball when you go to the park? Well, a potato is round-ish, so why not use that? It’s softer than a baseball, and infinitely more delicious.